This event is if a referred friend hasn't submitted after a certain number of days. This is great for sending an email to remind the referred friend to use their referral link to give them and the referring customer a reward.

Important AttributesDescription
emailThe email of the referred friend
fromThe email of the referring customer
customer.first_nameThe name of the referring customer
product_referral_linkThe referring customer's unique product referral link for this specific product
product_idThe product ID of the shared product
product_nameThe name of the shared product
image_urlThe shared product's image URL
  "topic": "loyalty/referral/product_share/reminder",
  "name": "Loyalty Referral Product Share Reminder",
  "website_url": "",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "from": "[email protected]",
  "customer": {
    "total_spend_cents": 24200,
    "total_purchases": 1,
    "perks_redeemed": 3,
    "last_purchase_at": "2021-06-01T07:02:40.000Z",
    "first_name": "Name",
    "last_name": "Name",
    "is_member": false,
    "accepts_marketing": false,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "referred_by": "[email protected]",
    "points_balance": 2620,
    "points_earned": 2620,
    "last_seen_at": "2021-06-01T07:03:11.000Z",
    "thirty_party_id": "5205258371095",
    "third_party_id": "5205258371095",
    "referral_link": "",
    "referral_discount_code": "Yotpo-TEST162",
    "is_opt_in": true,
    "loyalty_opt_in_date": "2021-06-01",
    "has_store_account": false,
    "credit_balance": "$2,620",
    "credit_balance_in_customer_currency": "$2,620",
    "is_affiliate": false,
    "points_expire_at": "2021-08-30T07:03:11.000Z",
    "vip_tier_name": "zzzz",
    "vip_tier_ends_at": "2022-06-01",
    "referral_code": {
      "code": "9code7",
      "shares": 1,
      "facebook_shares": 0,
      "twitter_shares": 0,
      "email_shares": 1,
      "emails_sent": 0,
      "emails_viewed": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_email": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_twitter": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_facebook": 0,
      "orders": 0,
      "amount_cents": 0,
      "average_amount_cents": 0,
      "expires_at": null,
      "expired": false,
      "completed_referral_customers": [],
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "unique_clicks": 0,
      "total_clicks": 0
  "referral_link": "",
  "referral_code": "9code7",
  "product_referral_link": "",
  "product": {
    "id": "10077553923",
    "name": "Amazing product",
    "image_url": ""
  "referral_discount_code": "YOTPO-TEST162"