Adjustment use cases

When adjusting a customer's points, you can provide a positive or negative value depending on the reason for the adjustment.
Below is an overview of common adjustment reasons. You can provide different parameters, depending on the reason for the adjustment.
It's important to note that certain adjustments will only affect the customer's current point balance, while others will also affect their lifetime or total points earned.

Adjustment reasonsDescriptionpoint_adjustment_amountapply_adjustment_to_points_earned
Reward customerReward a customer with points.Positive integerTRUE
Refund points deducted by redemption/expirationReimburse a customer if they lost points due to a refund or points expiration.Positive integerFALSE
Redeem points for a discountUse a customer's points in order to redeem a discount on their behalf.Negative integerFALSE
Remove earned pointsDeduct points that were not supposed to be earned, for example - points earned for a purchase that was later refunded or cancelled.Negative integerTRUE
Expire pointsBypass the point expiration date set in your Loyalty & Referrals admin and expire them immediately.Negative integerFALSE
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