Yotpo uses a combination of guid and api_key to authenticate requests. You can find your authentication credentials in the Settings page of your loyalty admin.

Yotpo expects for both guid and api-key to be included in all API requests. These parameters can be passed either as query parameters, or as HTTP headers.

Authentication via header params

When authorizing a call via header params, set the content type as application/json and pass your authentication credentials as such:

*Example value, please replace with your own guid value
*Example value, please replace with your own api-key value

Authentication via query params

You may also opt to authenticate calls via query params instead of header params. This can be done pay passing the following queries:

  • ?guid=6lC7NrMa4zw2v_fqFf-rQf
  • ?api_key=iO6OZc37hEVTRgckKYphXAtt
    For example: ?guid=6lC7NrMa4zw2v_fqFf-rQf&api_key=iO6OZc37hEVTRgckKYphXAtt


Need help finding your API credentials?

Click here to learn where you can locate your Yotpo API credentials.