This endpoint returns a list of campaigns available for customers to participate in. If you provide a particular customer we can return their current status and eligibility on each of the campaigns.

Campaign Parameters Response

idintUnique campaign id
titlestringCampaign headline/One-liner
detailsstringInformation on how to complete the campaign.
typestringOne of the various campaign types, such as: SpendBasedCampaign, TransactionBasedCampaign, ReferralCampaign, TwitterRetweetCampaign, InstagramFollowCampaign, TwitterTweetCampaign, TwitterFollowCampaign, etc.
cta_textstringThe text found on the button to participate in the campaign e.g. “Tweet”, “Follow”, etc.
share_textstringMessage to be shared on social media, used in the TwitterTweetCampaign.
urlstringCampaign dependent. Sometimes a destination to link to from call-to-action button, for TwitterTweet it’s a url to be included in the tweet.
usernamestringCampaign dependent. For TwitterFollowCampaign, it’s the Twitter handle to follow.
entity_idstringCampaign dependent. For TwitterRetweetCampaign, it’s the tweet id to retweet.
iconstringImage used for campaign. If it’s a URL, then it’s an image. Otherwise, it’s a Font Awesome class name.
reward_textstringDescribes what the customer gets for completing (e.g. “500 Points”).
created_atdatetimeTimestamp indicating when this campaign was created.
updated_atdatetimeTimestamp reflecting the last update to this campaign.
max_completions_per_userintThe maximum number of times a single customer can complete this campaign.
min_actions_requiredintThe number of actions (for punch card style campaigns) that are required for the campaign to be completed.
ends_atdatetimeTime stamp indicating the end date and time set for scheduled campaigns.

Status Parameters Response

global_completions_leftintNumber of times this campaign can be completed globally (for all customers in total).
customer_actions_completedintNumber of actions the customer has performed towards this campaign.
customer_times_completedintNumber of times the customer has already completed this campaign.
customer_minutes_until_next_actionintThe number of minutes the customer must wait until they can complete take another action towards completing this campaign.
customer_minutes_until_next_completionintNumber of minutes the customer must wait until they are eligible to complete this campaign again.
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