Retrieves all of the customer's specific redemptions and details.

$(document).on("swell:setup", () => {
    swellAPI.getAllCustomerRedemptions().forEach(option => {
        //do something with each option
amount: null
approved: true
approved_at: "2018-05-16T15:34:23.000Z"
at_checkout: true
created_at: "2018-05-16T15:34:23.000Z"
currency: "USD"
customer_id: 38291030
external_url: null
id: 2139837
is_pos: false
perk_id: null
redemption_option: {name: "<strong>GLOSSY</strong> Super Shine Lip Gloss", amount: 80, discount_type: "product", type: "Coupon"}
referral_id: null
reward_text: "Added to Cart"
token: "JGq62uJxO8tzkv2tXand6nHWXTYZQRS"
user_id: null
value_cents: 0
visible: false
__proto__: Object