Shows the number of potential points earned for the purchase of a product on a product page or elsewhere on your site. To do so, pass along the product’s id to the data-product-id attribute and the product’s price, in cents, to the data-price-cents attribute. The swell-product-helper is essentially the calculator of how many points to display. It takes into account the purchase campaigns & tiers and uses that against the data-product-id and data-price-cents to display the correct amount of points.

<!-- as a paragraph but can easily be any HTML element -->
<p>You will earn <span
    <i class="fa fa-spin fa-spinner" aria-hidden="true"></i>
  </span> points on this purchase</p>



Points earned per product may dynamically change if your Points for Purchase campaign settings are modified. For example, if your Points for Purchase campaign is set to award 1 point per dollar spent and updated to award 2 points for every dollar spent, or if there are multiple campaigns running, the sum of all points is aggregated and displayed. Additionally, note that Points for Purchase are subject to change if a customer is belongs to a VIP tier with an active points multiplier enabled.