This method takes an array of email addresses to send the referral email share email to. This is useful if you are building a custom referral program experience and want your customer to be able to share his referral link with his or her friends via email.

$(document).on("swell:setup", function() {
    var referredCustomersInput = $("#referred-customers-input");
    var sendEmailsBtn = $("#referred-customers-send-btn");

    $(sendEmailsBtn).click(function() {
      // assuming you allowed comma separated email input
      var emails = referredCustomersInput.val().split(",");

      var onSuccess = function() {

      var onError = function(err) {

      swellAPI.sendReferralEmails(emails,onSuccess, onError);



emailsarrayAn array containing the email addresses of those referred
onSuccessfunctionThe function to be called if the email is sent successfully
onErrorfunctionThe function to be called if the email is sent unsuccessfully