SwellAPI.removePointRedemptionIdFromCart(pointRedemptionID, callback)

This method can be used to remove a point redemption made by the customer in case they changed their mind - it will remove the discount from the cart and return the customer's points back to them.

This is only relevant if the point redemption that is used is not the platform's native discount/coupon solution, which can be redeemed via:
Yotpo Loyalty's Shopify cart fixed amount redemption
Yotpo's Loyalty's SFCC basket price adjustments

If the callback is used to adjust the UI, the customer will see that the action was canceled and their point balance has been restored.

$(document).on("swell:setup", function() {
      var callback = function() {
      swellAPI.removePointRedemptionIdFromCart(pointRedemptionID, callback)


PointRedemptionIdintThe ID that was returned as part of the 'Make redemption'/'Convert points to discount' redemption method. See example image below.
callbackfunctionThis should pass a function that will update the UI and other elements of your choice once the redemption is removed from the cart.