Point Balance

Display Customer’s Current Point Balance

You can use this markup to display the customer’s current point balance. Great for reminding the customer how many points they have to use or how close they are to earning a reward.

Use the class name swell-point-balance on the element you would like to display the point balance inside of.

<!-- the content of the tag will be replaced by the actual point balance on page load.
       Decide what you'd like the customer to see while it loads -->

  <!-- show 0 until point balance is loaded -->
  <span class="swell-point-balance">0</span>

  <!-- show nothing until point balance is loaded -->
  <span class="swell-point-balance"></span>

  <!-- show font awesome spinner until point balance is loaded -->
  <span class="swell-point-balance"><i class="fa fa-spin fa-spinner"></i></span>