Participate in Campaigns

You can use this markup to allow your customers to participate in your campaigns without using the Rewards Popup.

Use the class name swell­-campaign­-link on any element you’d like to trigger one of your campaigns when clicked. You also need to specify data attributes for the campaign­-id and the display­-mode.

<!-- as a link but can easily be any html element -->
  <a class="swell-campaign-link"
     href="javascript:void(0)">Follow Us on Twitter</a>

Data Attributes

campaign-idintThe id of the campaign to trigger. You can find it in the Swell Admin by clicking on the Customize link for a particular campaign.
display-modestringCan be “modal” or “direct”. Modal will trigger a popup window that shows campaign details with a call to action. Direct will trigger the action immediately upon click (same effect as clicking the CTA in the modal).